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About Rancher Resource

Rancher Resource aims to be the best nationwide database of farms and ranches participating in direct to consumer sales and agritourism.

Here at Lily Hill Farm, we have found from our limited time retailing to the general public, consumers are becoming very particular about how they want their food produced, and rightfully so! 

We get questions all the time about our practices like, do we feed GMO corn, do we use herbicide, do we use commercial fertilizer etc. It’s very time consuming to go back to these customers and it would be pretty impractical to list every single one on our website.

Rancher Resource aims to give the customer a highly searchable database of farms and ranches to enable them to find extremely specific niches, while still retaining the ability for those with less specific requirements to find a great steak from a local farm just down the road!

As the site grows, we aim to add more functionality and will include event listings, internships and employment opportunities, farmers markets and other things that complement primary farm/ranch listings.

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