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About Rancher Resource

Rancher Resource endeavors to establish itself as the premier comprehensive nationwide repository of farms and ranches engaged in direct-to-consumer sales and agritourism. Our vision is to provide discerning consumers with an extensive and easily navigable database that caters to their specific preferences regarding food production methods—an aspect that deserves utmost consideration.

As proprietors of Lily Hill Farm, we have observed a growing trend among the general public wherein customers express heightened concern about the manner in which their food is cultivated. These conscientious inquiries, ranging from inquiries about GMO corn feeding practices to the use of herbicides and commercial fertilizers, illustrate a commendable desire for transparency. Addressing each customer individually to address these concerns would be a time-consuming endeavor for farmers and ranchers.

Rancher Resource aims to bridge this information gap by offering customers an invaluable resource—a highly searchable database of farms and ranches that allows them to discover precisely tailored options that align with their specific preferences. By doing so, we empower individuals seeking niche products while simultaneously ensuring that those with broader requirements can still find exceptional meat sourced from local farms in close proximity.

As our platform expands, we envision incorporating additional functionalities that enrich the user experience. This includes featuring event listings, opportunities for internships and employment, information on farmers markets, and other supplementary resources that complement the primary listings of farms and ranches. By encompassing these diverse elements, we strive to cultivate a vibrant and dynamic community centered around sustainable agriculture and foster connections between consumers and the agricultural landscape they deeply care about.

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