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1915 Farm – Local Grassfed & Pasture Raised Meats Delivered to Your Doorstep from our Small Texas Farm

Grassfed and Finished Dry Aged Beef – no antibiotics or hormones. Grazed on pasture and rotated often to encourage land regeneration by independent ranchers. Aged 7-10 days for flavorful and tender beef.

Pasture Raised Heritage Pork – known for well marbled meat, our hogs are fully raised on pasture, grassfed, and supplemented with non-GMO feed (soy and corn free), without the use of any growth promoting drugs. Our pork is incredibly flavorful and rich – nothing like “the other white meat” that’s so widely available.

Pasture Raised Chicken – we raise the chickens the way they were put on earth to be raised. They thrive in our lush pastures, chasing bugs, and eating grass in the sunshine – and their meat quality absolutely rewards us. Our feed is corn and soy free.

Our meat is freshly frozen and shipped via UPS directly to your door from our farm just outside of Victoria, Texas. Visit our website and create a custom order choosing your own cuts, try our popular subscription boxes including a variety of meats as often as you choose, or reserve a half or whole cow today. If you are local to our area, we welcome farm picks ups by appointment.

Our goal is to help you eat healthier by raising healthier meat. We raise our animals by honoring their natural environments – living their entire lives on pasture, regeneratively. Our health, land, and animal welfare are top priority.

We take the hard road often – choosing quality over quantity, nutrition over cheapness, craft over assembly lines, to create nutritious, delicious meats you can feel good about. We even have our very own butcher shop under construction!

Visit our website to learn more about us and try our meat today! We post interesting and educational articles often, and delicious recipes weekly.

Drop by our Instagram page to see daily farm life in action! @1915_Farm

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