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As an organic family farm, we are dedicated to regenerating our soil. We understand the health of our communities depends on access to quality food and healthy soils.

Here at Casad Family Farms we use Organic, Biodynamic, and Permaculture principals to sustainably steward 360 acres of land in Jefferson County, Oregon.

The Farm is co-owned by husband and wife Chris & Cate Casad. They live on and manage the farm with their son Hesston who was born in July 2021. Chris has been farming since he was 20 years old, a first generation farmer. Chris studied permaculture design as a young man and started farming on just a  few acres of leased land near Bend, Oregon. His first farm was called Juniper Jungle Farm, he grew vegetables for a large CSA program, farmers markets, and started growing more for wholesale distribution. He also is a beekeeper and loves to have a milk cow or two.

We raise cattle and heritage breed hogs, pastured chickens and turkeys. Though we have sold our meats to customers in our region for almost 10 years, in 2022 we launched our Direct Delivery Meat Box Program where we ship our meats frozen to customers nationwide as well as offer Local Delivery in Bend, Oregon.

At Casad Family Farms, we have worked hard for many years to create a Closed Loop Farm System.

A Closed Loop farming system is influenced by biodynamic principles in which the farm ecosystem can rely on the soil,

plants, animals and earthly influences for health, productivity, for holism.

Nothing needs to be brought in, and there is no “waste” to remove.

Our farm is certified Organic by the Oregon Department of Agriculture,but we go above and beyond Organic.

We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, protecting the soil, the waterways and our bodies. Our farmland is certified Organic and we have helped to transition over 200 acres of previously conventionally farmed land into Organic land managed regeneratively with cover crop and prescriptive grazing.

At the heart of our farming ethos is a dedication to biodiversity, sustainability, and biotic health for soils, humans and communities.

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